Razor Acquires Ouva Software Programs

Ouva Software Programs

In an effort to continue to develop their micro-console side of their company Razor the peripheral manufacturer has bought all the software and gaming programs from the company Ouva. Its Razor’s hope to carry through with their plan to break into the ever growing and popular gaming market with their own brand they plan to call Forge TV. There was just one slight problem with the acquisition it didn’t include the developer side of the company, mainly because Razor is perfectly contented with the programs already developed and see’s no need for any others.

softwareSo, what does all this mean to the individuals who created these programs? Apparently they find themselves left out of the deal and for some they could be left with the shaft as well. When Ouva first put their own gaming console into development they offered the developers who worked for them at the time incentives such as extra money if they would create exclusive content for the program. Many went along with the deal, however, now that Ouva has sold the company and Razor doesn’t want the developer department this deal may not be honored. Most of these individuals find themselves losing between five to ten thousand dollars which is quite a bit to lose out on. But apparently now neither company is liable to pay these developers for their work on these programs.


As for Razor it has a long road ahead of it. Yes, the gaming community is popular but its also congested. Many companies hope to break into the micro console market in gaming, but so far very few have been successful in doing so. But Razor is determine to continue their bid to break into this market. Perhaps this is why they went after Ouva to acquire it. Ouva apparently had one of the best platforms to break into the highly competitive markets and Razor apparently wanted that on their side.

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