Robot Helps With Teaching Kids Programming Skills

Can Robots Help Teach Children

One of the skills that can give your children a bright future is computer programming. This is possibly the highest paying job in the country today. If one doesn’t understand the language of computers, then there is a chance the person will be behind in several aspects of life. There is now an app that makes it easier than ever to teach your children about programming.


You Could Hire This Robot Teacher

Codie is a robot that is rather cute and controlled by a smartphone. The app allows children to understand the language of programming at an early age. Children will program Codie to do the things that they want to see. There are various programs to try, and the colors associated with the interface are brilliant. There are seven different sensors in the robot that respond to movement,temperature and other commands. The robot will respond to these commands in a realistic manner. There are future plans that would let children convert the commands given to Codie into Java codes. This is a concept that would let children learn about what it takes to program websites.

Will the robot provide instructions?

It should give instructions on operation.

A robot to teach kids coding

This should be something reserved for older children, or there should be a robot for younger children and one for those who are older.

8 Photos of the Robot Helps With Teaching Kids Programming Skills

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