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iPhone Hack Save Data

If Mac or Windows PC is no longer available, it is necessary to save the important data from your iPhone to a new PC. Save data on the iPhone

With up to 32 gigabytes of storage capacity that is iPhone is home to countless data. Besides music and movies, most users their addresses, dates and other no less important files have also always there. At home is when you synchronize the database with the PC or Mac via iTunes simply adjusted. Precipitated from the PC, either through a hard drive crash or theft, good advice is expensive. Backups are known to occur with Windows users as unpopular as the Mac community. If there is no backup of the hard disk , it is important to restore it to a new PC, the data of the iPhone. Since Apple has not provided this way actually, there are special tools and techniques to apply. We show you how to get the inventory data from your iPhone to the PC.

How to Save Mobile Data on iPhone

iPhone Windows data rescue

Music, movies, and apps will always flow from a PC to the iPhone. For copyright reasons, Apple has chosen this path on iTunes. If you connect the iPhone or another IOS device with the PC and launch iTunes are syncing music, movies and apps on the iPhone replaced by the PC. All apps that once the user has purchased in the App Store and are still available, he can reload – it’s free. Simply download the apps on the new PC again. When purchased music and movies is not possible, they must be purchased new. You have to rip your own music again. Fortunately, there is little money for tools that allow the songs, including playlists, photos and videos from iPhone to save.

The free tool iFunbox usually works pretty well, but occasionally annoying crashes. DigiDNA has Pics Aid ($ 20), Tune Aid (20 dollars) and Disk Aid ($ 10), three professional tools for data recovery in the offer. Pics and Tune Aid Aid care for photos or music / video disc Aid to the remaining data. Disk Aid, you do not, here we can offer Step 3 (data backup on the new computer) for free. In Windows Explorer also helps to take pictures on the PC. Save the first step photos, movies and music from iPhone to upload your new apps from the App Store.

Save data on iPhone

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