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Apple is a company that tends to forge its own unique path, which rivals later follow in order to echo its commercial successes and design innovations, which is why its decision to call the third generation iPad by the same name as the 2010 original, with no numerical suffix denoting its relation to its older siblings, has to be accepted as one of its quirks.

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The new iPad remains one of the most popular tablet devices on the planet, easily outpacing its rivals in terms of sales not only due to the reputation of its brand but also because of the experience that it offers.

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The first secret to the success of the new iPad is in its 9.7 inch Retina Display. Whilst previous iPads featured screens of the same size, the pixel count has been doubled here to provide a resolution of 2048×1536.

For those keeping score, that gives the new iPad more onscreen detail than all 1080p full HD TVs that sit in living rooms across the world and because this is compressed onto a screen that is much smaller, it means that there is so much detail that your eye cannot distinguish the difference between one pixel and the next, for a truly natural viewing experience.

Of course a great display is nothing without the right hardware to back it up and deliver excellent content to it, which is why the dual core A5X processor and GPU solution within the new iPad is a boon. You get significantly improved graphics capabilities thanks to the PowerVR chip, which means that Apple sees the iPad as easily competing with Android-based quad core tablets in terms of performance when running intensively visual-oriented tasks such as playing games or processing video.

iPad Air 3

The five megapixel iSight camera on the rear of the iPad is another of its major features, because if you watch any sporting event or go to any major gig or gathering you will doubtlessly see someone holding aloft an iPad to capture video or take photographs. The first two generations of the iPad were a little lacking in this department, but with full HD 1080p video capture and a better sensor resolution the new iPad is a more appealing companion for photography fans.

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In terms of connectivity the new iPad kicks things up a notch thanks to its use of LTE networking in areas where this is available. Of course there are more basic models with Wi-Fi only which makes them more affordable, but for people who require constant connectivity at high speeds the new iPad provides them with an excellent platform for this.

There is not really any secret as to why the iPad 3 is such a good tablet, because it showcases everything it has upfront and is so popular that there are few potential buyers who will not already have experienced its capabilities at the controls of a friend`s device.

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