“Sent from my iPhone” could be sent from my cat, cause why not?

Sent from my iPhones


Changing “Sent from my iPhone” to whatever you want is much easier than, well, trying to convince people the cat did it.

Sent From My iPhone

It’s simple, go into your settings on either your iPhone, iPod, or iPad (it might be hiding on that page where apps go when they have outstayed their welcome). Then, scroll on down to “Mail, Contacts, and Calendars” and click on it. On this new page, scroll down to signature; it’s right there in the second bulk of settings for Mail just near the end. Click Signature and it brings you to the least daunting looking page; this is where you change email signatures. You made it! Now to make your email signature something memorable.

Here, you can decide if you want to change your email signature for all your email accounts or if you want to switch it up for each one you have linked (assuming you have more than one). At the bottom where it says “Sent from my [iPhone, iPad, or iPod]” is where you change email signatures to whatever you want, like sent from my cat, if that’s your thing. You could also be super professional and make your email signature what it’s really supposed to say, you know, your name, title, phone number, and such. When you finished deciding what you want the world to see at the end of your email, just click out of settings and it’s all good to go.

Now whenever you send something from your device, everyone will know exactly who sent it, even if that happens to be the cat.

Change iPhone mail signature sent from my iPhone


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