Siri and Google Voice searches found to be vulnerable to hacking by researchers

Siri and Google voice

Voice controls are something that have started to become very popular with smartphones these days. The best examples of this technology is iOS and Apple’s Siri and Google Voice. This technology though can also be suspect to hacking. A French based information security agency has been able to prove this fact.

The French based company ANSSI has been able to prove that Siri and Google Voice can be hacked within 16 feet of the device. The ANSSI hacking manuvers rely on radio waves and the device that is intended to be hacked must have a headphone set with a microphone that is plugged into the smartphone device. ANSSI has been able to prove that the headset with microphone has radio waves that can in turn act as an input device. The input information can then tell and manipulate the voice commands to do anything.

Casting iPhone Siri

The ANSSI experiment with the voice Siri command hacking was one that involved using high tech software. It is also included the use of a GNU radio, a USRP software-defined radio, an amplifier, and an attune.

Consumers though should not be very alarmed about the ANSSI revealing hack ability. They should not disable voice commands either. In order for the ANSSI hack to be able to work the device will need to have voice commands enabled from the lock screen and in sleep mode. If the device were affected while it was on and being used, consumers would most likely know that something wrong was happening to their device.

Siri Can Do iOS 7

8 Photos of the Siri and Google Voice searches found to be vulnerable to hacking by researchers

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