Smaller but Newer iPhone SE

iPhone SE

Apple has announced a new, smaller version of both the iPhone and the iPad. With analysts predicting the smart phone market taking a 15% tumble in the new quarter; it makes sense for the tech giant to slim down the product. The iPhone SE will offer buyers the same graphics and processor as well as capturing 4k video, just like the iPhone 6 but it will be the cheapest model yet at $399. The new iPad Pro is slated to come with a 9.7 inch screen and will be offered for $499, also the most affordable price yet for the new hardware to date.

Apple has stated that it has sold more than 30 million of the 4 inch handsets last year but Apple, when questioned, says it has not consolidated to capitalize on any trend. Customers on the iPhone 4 and 5 say they are happy with the size of their handsets and it seems it’s likely a way to convince those owners to upgrade, not to mention that the handsets smaller size likely makes production cheaper on the company worried about slowing sales.

iPhone SE review

Beginning the conference with a few words about the FBI’s dispute with Apple refusing to cooperate by stating that they would not unlock the San Bernadino shooters iPhone, the firm has so far refused the court order to do so stating that in helping the feds with that one instance, it would cause the public to feel less secure with their own handsets. Apple also unveiled their new robot that can strip iPhone SE down to their components so that they can be reused.

9 Photos of the Smaller but Newer iPhone SE

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