The 3D Xpoint: Faster Memory For Computers

3D XPoint

Since 1989 the Nand flash has been the latest technology on the market for a computers mainstream capability. Intel and Micron are pleased to announce they have developed the 3D Xpoint. The 3D Xpoint is proven to work 1000 times faster than the Nand flash. Both Micron and Intel are well known for focusing time and investments in the latest scientific equipment, development of video games, and other technologies that have benefited everyday life.

The 3D Xpoint is the first memory chip

3D XPoint

The research done by Intel concluded that it would be best to leave the RAM as it currently is in the computer systems and develop an item that is easier to access in the processor control. The 3D Xpoint will be the first of its kind to allow the computer systems to keep up with the mainstream media like a smartphone can. For instance, the videos you are able to download and play without interruption on your smartphone will now be available to do the same on your computer.

The new product will also allow for more room in the cloud storage. This is beneficial because it will hold more of your own personal information you want it too. And with the larger amount of cloud storage, it handles larger files with ease.

The 3D Xpoint is the first memory chip is currently being manufactured in the Utah facilities. According to the plan, the product is to be available on the market at some point next year. The cost of the product is to be determined.

The Intel Micron 3D XPoint

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The Intel Micron 3D XPointSecond gen 3D XPointIntel and DataStax 3D XPointGame Changing 3D XPoint3D XPoint Memory3D XPointThe 3D Xpoint is the first memory chip

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