Best jailbreak for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch

Jailbreak means much more than the “Unlock“. iPhone and iPod touch can expand, with thousands of apps that Apple does not allow. Our colleagues from “Tecchannel” have compiled the best jailbreak apps for you.

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Apple’s IOS operating system for the iPhone and iPod touch is severely limited in functionality.

Jailbreak iPhone iPad iPod Touch

Even in the official App Store only applications approved that meet Apple’s expectations. Will we see the advantage in the stability and the safe operation of the iPhone and iPod Touch is probably better guarantees. This is consistent with the stable operation of system interventions after the jailbreak are crashes and error messages on the Apple device, at least much more frequently, as TecChannel noted.

Nevertheless, it is irritating to perform the jailbreak. In addition to removing the pesky bond provider, there are many apps that the functionality of the iPhone and iPod touch increases significantly. Also, it was rarely so simple and his iPhone , or to “crack” iPod touch. Suffice it to launch programs like redsn0w, greenpois0n, limera1n or PwnageTool of the iPhone Dev Team . After a reboot of the iPhone / iPod Touch is the device “gejailbreaked”. Even for the current IOS 4.3.1, there is already a “Untethered Jailbreak” on redsn0w. With “untethered” is meant that remain even after a cracked IOS restart the device.

In the United States was the jailbreak of the iPhone in July 2010, the court even declared legal. The installation of programs that are not authorized by Apple violates the verdict found not against the law. Including cancellation of the provider of the iPhone lock is legal in the U.S.. That does not alter the fact that either way will void the warranty of the device during jailbreak.

Jailbreak Apple TV 2G

We have also expressly pointed out, the jailbreak is done at your own risk. Back up your data at any rate.

12 Photos of the Best jailbreak for Apple’s iPhone and iPod touch

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