To Upgrade or Not To Upgrade OnePlus One to OnePlus 2 that is the Question

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OnePlus has made it name by providing reasonable priced unlocked off contract phones. The OnePlus One has had great success with over 1 million units sold at the end of 2014. Now that OnePlus has unveiled its new OnePlus Two the question is will it have the same success and as the original and is it worth it for you to upgrade to it.

To answer the first question only time will tell but should you upgrade now that is what we shall look at. So let’s start by look at some of the spec for the OnePlus TWO. So THE 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD display of is the same dimensions as the original but it has been promised that there will be a considerable brightness upgrade in this new model. To compare the OnePlus 2 to another brand phone would be unfair for the resolution quality is more of what you would see from a PC or a high end tablet.

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Next the OnePlus 2 has StyleSwap covers which means you are no longer stuck dealing with what the manufacturer thinks you should have or those bulking phone cases. With the StyleSwap you have anything from leather to Kevlar. If you get tire of it or it gets too grimy for your taste it is just as easy to replace with a new one.

For all of you out there who have been wooed by iPhone’s fancy fingerprint sensor guess what the One 2 will have a similar sensor along Accelerometer, Gyroscope, Proximity sensors and Ambient Light with customizable capacitive navigation keys.

I know you are you are asking what about the inside? Well The OnePlus 2 will have a 64-bit Qualcomm© Snapdragon™ 810 processor with 1.8GHz Octa-core CPUs. The GPU will be an Adreno™ 430 with 4 GB of RAM. The battery you might ask will be an embedded rechargeable 3,300 mAh LiPo battery. The OnePlus 2 will also futures a 13-megapixel camera.

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If you are like me one of the most important things you are asking yourself is how much will one of these set me back well a 16GB version will be $329 and a 64GB version $389 as compare to the OnePlus One which was $ 299 for the 16GB version and $ 349 for the 64GB version.

So should you upgrade to the OnePlus 2 well you will have to decide for yourself if you want all I can say is that I am lining up now to get my OnePlus 2 when it is released.

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