10 things to improve your battery life on your iPhone

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Saving iPhone battery life is a constant battle with each new iPhone and iOS update. Below are 10 things I do that improve my iPhone Battery Life, regardless of iOS or iPhone update!

1.Close multitasking apps (applications) running in the background.

Double-click on your home button and simply swipe up open apps to close them.

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2. Disable notifications on unneeded applications.
To do this, go to Settings > Notifications and make sure “sort manually” is checked. Next choose each app and turn off “allow notifications ” on all applications from which notifications are unnecessary.

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3. Turn off applications in the background through app refresh.
This will turn off applications that automatically refresh in the background, expending battery life. Turn this feature off by going to Settings > General >Background App Refresh. Toggle them all off, or turn off individual applications.

4. Turn on the reduce motion setting.
This will remove the parallax affect that contributes to iPhone battery drain. Disable the parallax effect by going to Settings > General > Accessibility then scroll down to reduce motion and toggle reduce motion to the “on” position.

5. Turn off dynamic wallpaper.
Go to Settings > Wallpaper > Choose a New Wallpaper, then choose a wallpaper from the “Stills.”



6. Turn off auto brightness.
Settings > Display and Brightness (make sure auto brightness is in the off position). This will allow you to manually keep your iPhone at a lower brightness level and help save battery life.

7. Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
When you are not using these features it significantly saves battery life by keeping bluetooth and wi-fi off. Simply swipe up from the home screen and disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi until needed.

8. Disable Location Services.
Do this by going to Settings > Privacy> Location Services and turn off applications that always use your location, but are not necessary. Many applications are set to “always use location” by default which can contribute to draining your iPhone battery.



9. Auto Lock for less time.
Go to Settings > General > Auto Lock. I typically keep it on one or two minutes. (Less is better in this case.)

10. Fetch email less often.
Do this by going to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendar > Fetch New Data > and select every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, hourly or manually.

Using these tips will definitely prolong your iPhone Battery Life! If you have any other battery saving tips, please leave them in the comments section below.

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