Tricks you didn’t know your iPhone was capable of a guide to Siri

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I’m sure you have all heard of Siri. She is the girl on your iPAd, iPhone or any other mobile device. She is the one who helps you find what you need to find. I’m here today to tell you some of the lesser known tricks this app is capable of doing on your iPhone or iPod.

siri birdman


1)”Hey Siri”

Did you know you can do this without your hands. Just go into your iPod or other mobile device settings. Click on the this feature. The only issue with this app trick is you need to have your device plugged in. There is, however, a loophole. If you can get your device to where it’s “jailbroken”, you won’t have this problem.

hey siri



2) You can take your Siri tricks to the movies. She can tell you what is playing in your area. She can even play the trailer for you, on your iPAd. How cool is that. She will give you a list of times and prices. This way you can decide for sure if you want to see the movie or not.


siri-settings  siri-settings2

3) She can even help you with your settings. This is one of the lesser known tricks, a trick most still don’t know about. All you have to do it tell her what you want to adjust or change. She will do the rest.

siri-movies siri-birdman

4) You can add items to your shopping list. How cool is this? The only trick is you have to have one already started. Your best bet is to start creating on in your reminder folder. Then you can start adding things at will.

siri-trick-grocery-list-01   siri-trick-grocery-list

5) You can ask her to play your favorite music. Just mention an artist you like from your playlist. She will go in and shuffle everything around for you. If you don’t know a song that is playing on the radio, she can help you with that too. The only downside to this is the Shazam feature. She uses this feature to get it all organized. The trick is having your Bluetooth off while you do it. Sometimes she gets a little lacks in the department. This is one of the features that still needs work.


6) She can help you with holidays and specific days off. Don’t know what day a specific event falls on? No problem. Just use the feature. She can tell you which day Easter falls on. She can tell you when someone’s birthday is.

7) If you have specific alarms or information you wish to get rid of, she can help you out. I know I’m not the only one who has this problem. I’m sure many of you have certain programs and alarms you wish to lose. Just tell her. You can start over fresh.

This is just to get you started. There are lots of other tricks that she can do. You don’t know what an app is capable of, until you explore your options. Start exploring!

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