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You purchased an iPod Touch and Apple did exclude any directions. In the wake of fiddling around with it you likely think you know everything there is to know. Here is a rundown of some helpful tips and traps for your iPod Touch you doubtlessly missed. I wager you didn’t know no less than one of these!

1. Take a Screenshot
Hold the home catch and tap on the slumber catch. The screen will glimmer white and the screenshot will be spared in Photos > Saved Photos.
2. Spare a picture from Safari
To spare a picture from any page to your iPod Touch you must hold your finger on the photo until a menu appears. It will request that spare the picture. Your pictures will be spared in Photos > Saved Photos. This is an awesome device to use in our Wallpaper area. You can quickly spare a wallpaper picture on your iPod Touch and set it as your wallpaper.

Ipod Nano 6th Generation Tips and Tricks

3. Smaller than usual Music Menu
Double tap the Home catch while in any application and a smaller than expected music menu will appear. This keeps you from leaving your application to change your music.
4. Simpler Typing in Safari
In case you’re writing a ton of content in Safari, turn the iPod Touch flat and the console will be greater which makes it much simpler to hold and sort with your thumbs.
5. Amplifying Glass
In the event that you’ve committed an error while writing, hold your finger on the content until an amplifying glass shows up and slide your finger to your mix-up. This makes it a considerable measure less demanding to see where the cursor will be situated.
6. Spare Video position
In case you’re viewing a feature and might want to stop and keep viewing it later, tap on the “Done” catch. When you retreat to that feature it will continue where you cleared out off.

7. Speedy Insert
When you’re writing, twofold tap the space bar and it will embed a period and a space to begin your next sentence.

8. Top of the Page
To rapidly get to the highest point of a page in any application, tap the “top bar”, where the time, battery, and administration bar is.
9. Space Extensions
At the point when writing a URL, hold down the “.com” catch for additional augmentations, for example, “.net, .edu, and .organization”. Slide your finger from .com to both of the augmentations instead of lifting and squeezing.

Ipod Nano 6th Generation Tips and Tricks

10. Quick Forward and Rewind Music and Videos
At the point when playing a tune or feature, press and keep the forward or down catch to quick forward or rewind. Alternately tap the collection craftsmanship and you can slide the circle to quick forward or rewind.
11. Interchange Characters
While writing you can press and hold a letter which will carry a pop up with diverse varieties of that letter. This is extremely valuable on the off chance that you are writing in an alternate dialect. Keep in mind to squeeze, hold and slide your finger to the character you would like.

12. Area Shortcut
When you are writing a URL in Safari, you can forget the “www.” and the “.com”. For instance you can simply sort in “paypal” and it will take you to . This will just work if your web search tool is situated to Google and not Yahoo.

13. Sneak peak URLs
To get a bigger perspective of a URL in Safari, hold your finger on the connection and you’ll see the URL and site name.
14. Tap for Next page
When you’re on the home screen, take a stab at tapping the base corners to go to the following page. You can do this as opposed to swiping your fingers over.

15. Section to Fit Page
When you’re scanning sites utilizing Safari, twofold tap any segment to make it fit to your screen. The photo on the left is the site when it first loads and the photo on the right is after you twofold tap a section.

16. Google Map Zoom
While in Google Maps, twofold tap the screen with one finger to zoom in. Single tap the screen with two fingers to zoom out.
17. Utilize your iPod Touch to visit on MSN, AIM, ICQ and that’s just the beginning
In Safari, sort in “” and sign in utilizing either your MSN, AIM, ICQ, Yahoo, GTalk, meebo or Jabber login account. For simple writing turn your iPod Touch level.
18. Feature in Slow Motion
While viewing a feature, stop it and hold your finger on the forward or back catch and watch your feature go in moderate movement.

19. Rapidly Delete an Email
To erase an email rapidly in the Mail application, essentially slide your finger over the email you might want to erase and after that hit “erase”.

20. Adjust or Delete your iPod Touch Applications
To adjust or erase any of your applications, hold your finger on any symbol until they all begin to squirm. At that point move around the symbols by sliding them. On the off chance that you need to erase and application, tap on the “X” at the side of the symbol.
Note: You can’t erase the applications the iPod Touch initially accompanied.

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