Using the nose to interact with the Apple watch

Apple Watch

People who use Apple watch may at times encounter problems in trying to read some notifications that come when their hands are occupied. As a result of this, many people have started using their noses to be able to operate the watch in times when the hands are fully occupied. This method has been used by many people and has been proved to work effectively just like the hands.

People use it when the hands are not able to silence the notifications that come into the Apple watch, for example, one may be eating and then gets a notification in the watch and may not be able to use the hands, the best method to use is the nose because it is much closer to the hand than the other parts of the body that can be used. The Apple watch has been proved to be very sensitive to body parts, and this has enabled the discovery of using the nose when the hands are busy.

Apple Watch

This is an accurate method of using the watch since one is also able to see how they use the watch using the nose unlike when they are to use other body parts like the elbow. This prevents the unnecessary struggles that one has to go through when they find notifications; one may be forced to clean the hands very fast whereas they can still use other methods that are effective. Anyone with an Apple watch should make use of this method that has proved to be effective just like the use of hands.

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