Venture into the world of movies with iPhone applications

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We are all fans of movies in one way or the other and however much we love watching movies, we at times gets ourselves on the crossroads of where to silently a movie all alone. Well worry yourself no more iPhone have come up with iPhone applications that will take care of our needs. Movies began a long time ago in crudest of forms and at this our 21st century, we should not be worrying about issues of going to the cinema and paying some money to enjoy a session of movie-watching. Technology has advanced and so has movie watching.


iPhone applications for students

You remember free spotlight stories that Google released on Motorola androids don’t you? Google has thus advanced the technology and came up a version for apple and you can imagine the tremendous experience it offers. There is a swell a $ 2.99 White Room; 02B3 app meant specifically for iPhone and iPad. This is from Roddenberry entertainment led by star trek’s son the very developer of Gene Roddenberry.

However much the two gives the user extreme movie-watching experience, they are different in some aspects. Lin employs the use of all round video recording and computer graphics. This lets the user view all round the world of the movie as it moves from set to set. This allows you to literally allow them to move the phone at whatever angle and watch the world of the movie.

It also allows the movie to be viewed in portrait form and while it might sound awkward, some people likes it that way as it lets them view a larger slice often world as you they tilt their phones.

iPhone applications for students

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