Where Are Safe Online Games For Children?


When you are looking for age appropriate online games for children, you want them to be safe and often times, educational. Most, can be played on their tablets or ipad. kids-minecraft

New games are created all the time for mobiles. Safe games for kids are readily available on the internet and downloadable on many apps. You can still purchase them from independent retailers and wherever games for kids are sold.

kids minecraft

In order, for your child to be entertained they have to have a game that is fun. Most children games are educational and colorful, but most be entertaining, to attract children. Mobiles and tablets offer endless hours of entertainment and play time.

Games For Kids


Minecraft is a very popular game for kids. It costs more than other standard children entertainment gaming, but it last indefinitely, from the time that you download it. It is great for children that want to be creative, but parents can spend hours playing it too. It has two levels: Survival and Creative. Survive the daytime and avoid the monsters at night, but you’re never in threat of danger. This game is safe for ages 7 to adult. It is similar to the popular game Lego.
Suitable for kids and anyone else aged 4+
Download Minecraft Pocket Edition for iOS.

PlayWorld SuperHeroes

PlayWorld SuperHeroes is labeled as a safe game for kids because it inspires creativity. You play around the neighborhood as a regular kid. You build a superhero costume out of objects laying around in the garden. Your child is later propelled into the PlayWorld and must protect the people from the Golumites. It features no ads and no in app purchasing that will increase your phone bill or cause downloading without parental consent.
Suitable for 9-11 year olds.
Download Playworld Superheroes for iOS

Batman 3 Beyond Gotham


Looking for safe games for kids? Metamorphabet teaches your child how to navigate through the alphabet. Your child touches a letter on the screen and an object that begins with that letter pops up. This is a great educational tool and fun for parents too. This game is home school approved. The animations are bright and colorful and invite interaction from your child. This game is $3.99 and appropriate for kids 4+
Download Metamorphabet for iOS. Desktop version coming soon.

Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham


Every child loves Lego’s and the game is no exception. Lego Batman 3 can be played on your Wii, PC, or PS4. It is appropriate for ages 7+ You get a chance to play with all your favorite batman characters and build them with Lego’s. Your child then, gets the chance to build all of Gotham with their favorite Lego pattern. Batman 3 has been labeled, one of the best games in the Lego series.
Download Lego Batman: The Videogame

Mario Kart 8

These new games offer fun and advance levels for all child gamers. It teaches your child how unfair life is, evil, and objects that are meant to through you off course from a creature under the bridge. In fact, all the kids can get together and play. The kids can get a few of their buddies in the living room for a group gaming session. Appropriate for kids 7+

Mentioned above is a small list of available gaming for your child, most, are free or inexpensive. Avoid additional costs by adjusting the settings on the game app.

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