Which iPod best for you?

Every iPod has its designated audiences. Its does not matter if you prefer size over feature or a gizmo fan iPod has it all. So which iPod is best for you.


How Apple Music could launch the iPod

shuffleIf you are a person who find order in chaos, love the machine which does what it says nothing more nothing less then surly 2nd-generation iPod Shuffle is perfect for you. It is the most affordable among the iPods. With the memory size of 1GB and 2GB you can listen all the songs you want. In our tests it has played music for almost 14 hours, in random mode with up to about 50%. Because of its compact size you can take it any where. you can listne your songs in “random” and “in order to be chosen” way.




If you are a photo and video lover but still want it to compac than iPod Nano in the thing for you. The sixth generation iPod Nano is completely rethought and redesigned, offering new features and a new way to interact with it. puts everything into a touchscreen device that brings to mind the subject a little bigger than a postage stamp. Along with the radical riprogettazzione hardware, Apple has included in its media player is also a new operating system, as well as an interface very similar to IOS.



iPod Classic is for those who just don’t want a music player but a PC. It has memory capacity of 80GB to 160GB. With 160 GB of storage and up to 36 hours of battery life, iPod classic lets you carry 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video wherever you go. I was surprised by its handling fairly intuitive, because the dial which allows a movement to lower or raise the volume is really original. As regards the finishing of the product I have a small problem is the aluminum coating which gives the impression of playing to erase these fingerprints. I advise you to provide a leather case to avoid this concern.


ipod touch

The special feature of iPod Touch is the one that allows you not only listen to music, video or images, but also surf the Internet and watch YouTube videos. All touching (yes, that’s right) the screen iPod Touch, which recognizes the touch of your fingers. An automatic transfer from portrait to landscape depending on how you hold the player is really attractive. Once converted video, the transfer is fast for about 30 seconds for a clip of 5 minutes. Thousands and thousands of songs, multi touch screen, pictures, videos, WiFi Connection Internet “real”, all in a pileup as small and light that looks like fun.

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