Windows 10 booms as PC sales collapse

New Windows 10 boom

Dire reports are affecting PC sales across the states. An analysis firm called IDC is showing a significant decline in sales figures among consumers. That coincides with rising interest in tablet based technology and Apple products themselves. Conventional wisdom is giving way to clear-cut changes within the market base. PC developers are looking to Windows for new updates that could impact futures.

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IDC Prediction

The IDC is also anticipating lowered tablet sales, clearing the way for new products. A push by Windows 10 is gathering attention and keeping PC models relevant. Windows has been renowned for its support since the unveiling of its top name OS options. Consumers may remember the popularity of Windows 95 and XP during their heyday. A new era of relevance is the focal point for PC developers.

Decisions have been made to remove support for older versions of the popular OS. That may encourage consumers to seek out newer PC models with Windows 10 already installed. A projected analysis offers insight in to trends that extend out in to 2016 and 2017. Most software developers want to project sales out a few years. That gives them time to discuss appropriate happenings within the market in its entirety. Older systems need to undergo a significant upgrade before real changes occur for Windows 10 products.

Windows 10

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