Wisconsin based university wins patent infringement case against Apple

University of Wisconsin

A Wisconsin based university has been awarded a settlement for damages from patent infringement case against Apple. The University of Wisconsin-Madison will be awarded more than $234 million (£152m). The patent infringement involves a microchip that was developed by a computer sciences professor at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

case against Apple

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Gurindar Sohi is the computer sciences professor in question. Sohi developed a microchip that is currently being used in the iPhone 5s, the iPhone 6, and the iPhone 6 Plus. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation is the patent licensing arm of the university and its associated colleges. The lawsuit contended that Apple deliberately used the technology without the permission of the patent holder.

The original lawsuit that was filed by the Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation was one that was seeking $399 million in damages. After three hours of deliberation by the jury, the final damages that were awarded were set at $234 million.

The University of Wisconsin seen themselves in a similar lawsuit against Intel back in 2008. The lawsuit involved the same technology that was the basis of the recent Apple suit. After recent known truces and common ground amongst big tech companies, similar patent infringement lawsuits are taking place in courts all over the world.

University of Wisconsin

One example of a big company getting sued over patent infringement involved Samsung. That company was sued by the graphic card specialist Nvidia claiming that three of their patents had been violated.

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