Xbox One Chinese Gamers Angry with Extended Free Gold Membership

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China received extended memberships for Xbox One Live gold membership this week. While the memberships that were free got the happy news and we’re excited about it, many of the members who had paid for a premium membership fee under the impression that it would get them access to exclusive content were angry at the news of the free membership.

China is the only country in the world receiving the free gold membership, but it is a regionally locked-down version. Unlike most gamers that have access to Xbox Live features like downloadable content, online gaming for multilayer action, as well as discounts on other games available in the market. Unlike most countries, China still requires government approval before launch in the country.

Xbox One

China is the only place in the world that is going to receive a locked down version of the membership. Microsoft issued a statement on one of China’s popular blog, Weibo, stating that the limited Gold membership, which was supposed to expire this past week, will continue on “for reasons you understand”. Many of China’s gamers see this as just another in an excessively long wait. The Xbox One wasn’t even valuable in China until 2014, after a 14 year ban on the popular console. To say the gaming community is upset may be an understatement according to the tech in Asia website.

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